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When There Aren’t Enough Crochet Classes

One thing I know for sure from all my years as a crocheter myself and as a designer and instructor for the last 22 years is that crocheters are life-long learners. However, my followers and students in my live classes always seem to have concerns about the availability of crochet classes. Not all local shops offer them. Many large events have a token few crochet classes, but usually, they are on the beginner spectrum.

As an instructor, I have this concern too! May times I will apply to an event only to be told that my classes are too advanced for a beginner, or that they will not have crochet classes this particular year. Another comment I get from events is that they have offered crochet classes in the past, but had to cancel them.

Local yarn shops will tell me they don’t have enough interest in crochet classes to offer them.

What’s a crocheter to do?

I know how disheartening it can be to get a negative answer from your favorite shops and events. My heart sinks every time I look at an event schedule and see only basic classes or even NO CLASSES.

But what I am finding is that you need to push the issue a little bit. (But be nice about it) We crocheters need to tell events and shops what we want. And here are some ways you can do that.


  1. Use the contact form on the event’s website. Tell them that you are a crocheter and are saddened to see the lack of classes for crocheters/experienced crocheters/(you fill in the type of crocheter you are).
  2. When writing to them include the name of instructors or types of classes you are looking for. For example
    1. ”I would like to see Karen Whooley’s Cuff Down Sock Class on your schedule next year”. Or
    2. “I would like to take classes at your event from Karen Whooley/(name your favorite instructors).”
  3. If you are at the event in the market or somewhere else and happen to be talking to the people putting on the event, make sure to chat with them about the types of classes and the instructors you would like to see at the event.


  1. Talk to the shop owner. Let her know what classes you are looking for.
  2. Use the contact form on the shop’s website. ell them that you are a crocheter and are saddened to see the lack of classes for crocheters/experienced crocheters/(you fill in the type of crocheter you are). See all the details above.
  3. BRING YOUR CROCHET FRIENDS WITH YOU TO THE SHOP The more people that show interest in classes, the better the chances are that you will see classes scheduled!
  4. When you buy yarn in the shop, tell them that it is for a crochet project. Show them the pattern even. You would be surprised that if more people did this how much more crochet friendly shops start becoming!


  1. Use the contact form on their websites. Tell them about events or shops in your area that you would like them to come out to and teach.
  2. Ask if they will or are considering online classes.

So question.

Do you have additional ideas to plant the seeds for more crochet classes?? Make sure to share them in the comments section.


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