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  • Simply Blankets


    In Simply Blankets, book #2 of the Simply Series, Karen has brought back to life some of her most endearing blanket patterns. Designed with stash-busting in mind, you will find endless inspiration in each of the 6 blanket patterns in this collection.

    NOTE: This is a DIGITAL book ONLY!

  • Simply Baby Blankets


    In Simply Baby Blankets, Karen brings to some of her favorite and most popular baby blanket patterns of her career. The four featured blankets in this book have been revamped and charted for all levels of crocheters.

    From pastel rainbows to lacy christening-style blankets, there is a pattern here for everyone!

    NOTE: This is a Digital Book only.

  • Modern Italian Lace Crochet


    Taking Yesterday’s Crochet…
    … and bringing it into the Modern World!

    Designer Karen Whooley learned to crochet lace at her Italian Grandmother’s knee. But what she learned as a child has now become her number one strength.

    In Modern Italian Lace Crochet, Karen brings to you a little bit of her family history that started in the early 20th century, takes the lace that she learned and turns it on its head to become more modern, more vibrant, and much more approachable for every crocheter.

    From shawls and accessories to beautiful, wearable garments, each of the 10 projects in Modern Italian Lace Crochet is full of memories. Karen uses ideas and stitches she learned from her Italian heritage but puts them together to become classics that modern crocheters are looking for.

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    Pineapple Passion


    Using lighter-than-air yarns, Karen Whooley created five gorgeous garments and accessories using an all-time favorite crochet stitch – the pineapple. All of the patterns from shawls to cardigans use Karen’s trademark simplicity in construction along with elegant texture to create cozy yet modern pieces that you will want to wear all year long.

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  • Coastal Crochet


    Imagine walking along the beach of a rocky shoreline. Your bare feet are warmed by the golden sand. Cool water is lapping gently on your toes. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky. You can feel a gentle breeze against your skin. It’s a magical place that lulls your heart and mind to quiet introspection.

    Coastal Crochet includes 12 beautiful projects that evoke that feeling of joy and wonder of the coast. Made with either fingering or lace-weight yarns, each will inspire you to create your own place of joyful tranquility.

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  • A Garden of Shawls


    Picture an elegant ornamental garden. Can you see it? It’s full of lovely flowers peeking through the picket fences, swaying in the breeze, turning skyward to the warmth of the sun. It’s a haven from a busy workday. A place to wander on a cool evening with a lacy shawl draped around your shoulders. A place to daydream…

    A Garden of Shawls includes 12 beautiful lace shawls that evoke that feeling of being in a beautiful garden. Made with either fingering or lace weight yarns each shawl will inspire you to create your own slice of heaven.

    All Print book purchases will receive the Digital book for free.

  • Crochet Rocks Socks


    The socks in Crochet Rocks Socks feature some of my favorite Rock ‘n Roll songs/bands of all time. Each one will include a little story about that song, and why I love it. Each of the designs was created using color and stitches that remind me of the song in some way. I chose yarns from two local Northwest indie yarn dyers and they hand-dyed them to work with each of the songs.

    I hope that you enjoy the socks and stories in this book as much as I enjoyed living and creating them!