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Stress Free Crochet Begins Here

You’ve just gotten back from the yarn shop (or the mailbox) and in your hands is that wonderful yarn that you know is going to make the perfect new project. As you sit down in your favorite crochet spot, you grab your pattern, make a slip knot and start working on your project. As you go along, you are thrilled with the results and feel accomplished. Crochet has become a way to relax – to enjoy the process – and to create your perfect garment (or shawl, or you fill in the project)

Crochet doesn’t have to be a struggle. At Karen Whooley Designs, I understand that well-written patterns that are error-free AND have video and live support when you need them can make all the difference between a favorite garment you will wear AND the blanket that you never finish because you just “can’t get it”.

Whether you are creating for yourself or for your family and friends, I pride myself in providing you with a memorable experience that brings fun, smiles, and so much joy!

Why Karen Whooley Designs?

Error Free Patterns

You are working on a crochet project and have a deadline to finish so you can give it as a gift. You found a problem with the instructions. You don’t have the time to wait for a designer or her/his staff to get back to you.

My patterns and books are fully tech-edited and tested to make sure that your crochet time is stress-free.

It's The Joy Of Making

Crochet is not about getting it absolutely perfect. It’s not about the culture or the politics. And it is definitely not about the ads.

It’s about sitting down and creating with a sense of joy in your heart.

At Karen Whooley Designs, I promise you simple, classic, elegant, and adventurous patterns and classes that allow you to relax and enjoy the process – and the people!

Always Learning

With so many teachers, videos, and classes out in the crochet world, how do you know you are learning to crochet correctly or how to learn different techniques the right way?

I am a Craft Yarn Council Level II Certified Teacher. I can guarantee you will learn the proper way to form stitches, learn new techniques, without all the extra fluff (and music!) that hinder the learning process. On top of that, I am always learning too – taking classes and learning what’s new so that I can pass on what I learn to you!

More Than Granny Squares

The media and many magazines and other crochet websites make crochet look like it never left the 1970s. If that is your thing then GREAT!

But crochet is much more than granny squares. There are techniques and stitch patterns from all over the globe that will inspire and excite you! Allow me to show you what crochet can be.

Drape and Good Fit

These days bloggers are giving away free crochet patterns that are quick to make because they are made with bulky-weight yarns. But let’s face it, when you put on a bulky-weight sweater, there is no drape and you look like the “Stay Puff Marshmallow Man“. (Ghostbusters anyone?)

My designs are made with lace to DK weight (with a few worsted weight patterns from time to time) yarns that guarantee you will love the way you look.

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