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Whooleygan Rewards System

You may have noticed that I have updated my website! I had to switch out from Shopify back to WordPress because I have 2 new and very BIG things happening that will start in November 2021 and January 2022 that Shopify couldn’t handle unless I spent the equivalent of a mortgage payment. So I rebuilt the site from the ground up so that I can add what I need when the time comes.

It looks pretty close to what the Shopify site looked like (as much as I could!)

But because I had to change sites, I also had to change the reward point system. The new system however gives me a lot more flexibility.

Before I go into the nuts and bolts of the system, I wanted to mention that if you had points in the old system, you may have received an email from me that was “Secure” from Google. I don’t know why that happened other than I must have it something that made the email secure,. Anyhow, in that email, it tells you how to keep your old points! If you are unsure or deleted that email, just contact me and ask. I have the spreadsheet to look through!

How To Sign Up For Whooleygan Rewards

It is super easy to sign up!

First, scroll down to the bottom of any page on the site, and under the “Help” menu click on My Account. This is where you will access all things about your account. You will see it in red below.

Once you click that link you will be brought to the log in screen:

If you have already created an account (due to the email I sent, or just by stumbling upon it on your own) You will ignore this step.

You are going to click on the “Register Here” inside the Teal-colored Box.

You will get the following screen. Once you fill it out and submit it, you are registered and your first points will arrive in your account.

Once you have registered, make sure you go back into your dashboard, and edit all the information. If you add your birthday (month and day are the important ones -you can fudge on the year!) Every year on your birthday you will get more points!

How Whooleygan Rewards Work

when you are in your account you will see the menu on the left (like you see below). When you click on the Whooleygan Rewards Tab, the loyalty system overview will show up. Click on the arrow you see in the black bar on the right to open just like you see here.

As you can see there are currently 4 ways to earn points. In the future, I may add a few more. Below are the ways to earn, you will see what the rewards are. They are the same as the old system for now. As I learn more about this system, I may add some new rewards as well so keep watching.

You can also keep track of your points here. when you hit a reward level, you will receive an auto-email from the system to tell you that you have hit a level, and you can choose to redeem your points or you can choose to ignore and wait until you get more points for the next level. That is up to you! Once you redeem, however, the coupon will be auto-added to your next order.

Other Ways To Know About Whooleygan Points

When you are browsing the shop, you will now see on each product the amount each product is worth.

On checkout, you will also see the number of points added. I am working on learning how to get that info on your check-out screen too, so keep watching for that.

So for now that is it.

Questions about Whooleygan Rewards

If you have any questions at all, be sure to let me know. You can leave a note in the comment or contact me directly!


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