Here are some thoughts from students and other places!

Karen is an excellent instructor who is enthusiastic and brings out the best in her students. Fun, entertaining, and personable, Karen brings skill and knowledge to her students. She is able to set her students at ease and change any apprehension into success. Simply put, she is Great!

 – Edwin G

I’m a self-taught crocheter, so I didn’t think I could learn more in a class then I did in a book. Karen was my first teacher, and I was not disappointed, she opened my eyes to how much insight you can gain from instruction. She keeps the class engaged, the projects and techniques are well explained in concepts that are understandable and practical. She is well organized and helps you feel comfortable and accomplished! Recommend her classes highly!

 – Linda D.

She has been an extremely patient, and informative instructor and gets pretty much as excited as I do about anything new that I want to learn. She has always encouraged me to try things on my own but is always there if I get stuck and need some assistance. Karen’s basically the best crochet instructor I could ask for! I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to learn crochet, or even work on more advanced things

– Jennifer L.

I have taken several of Karen’s classes at the Crochet Guild of America conferences over the last few years. Every class resulted in my completing a beautiful, wearable item and learning new skills. Karen is a wonderful teacher! Karen’s classes are well organized with excellent handouts and she is very attentive to all of her students and makes sure that everyone is catching on to the techniques presented

 – Edith S.