C2C Wrap Up

I did spend more time with videos and finally did get the hang of the color changes, however, I did not complete the block.  There are a lot of reasons for that, but mostly because I realized that this is a technique that I would never use.  I really don’t like working on this type […]

Changing using the Corner to Corner Chart

So, remember when I started this journey and I mentioned that as I educated myself about all the new things, I would show you the good and the bad? The wins and the fails? Whelp… C2C charts were a definite failure for me.  I spent a good 4-5 hours watching videos and trying to crochet […]

Reading a Corner to Corner Chart

This week we are going to chat about how to read a C2C chart. At first glance, it looks like most colorwork charts, actually, kind of like the chart that we talked about a couple of weeks ago in the Overlay Mosaic Crochet Series with all the numbered boxes.  But I recorded a quick video […]

How to do the Corner to Corner Stitch

So, let’s learn today how to do the Basic C2C stitch. Before we get started, I just want to mention that, this is the way I do it. I have blocks (or shells) of 4 dc for each square. I have seen them done with bigger blocks, but that is just not how I roll. […]

An Introduction: Corner to Corner

Something that many of my followers have been asking me to talk about is Corner-to-corner crochet, otherwise, known as C2C. I have been doing all sorts of C2C over the years, since the 1990s when the book 101 Crochet Squares by the late great Jean Leinhauser came out in 1996. That link there is to […]