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  1. Well, you finally got me curious enough that I have just requested this book from the library, though I don’t think I’m ready for this type of design. I look forward to seeing what you create.

    Yes, I like learning from different people. Well, depending who they are — what they are teaching and how professional they are. I think the best teachers understand the ‘old school’ ways, because it’s not all about taking shortcuts.

    Now, eventually maybe you will write us a ‘how to design’ book for crochet! 😊

    1. I’ll be upping my game with Garment design later this year!!

      The how-to designs book? Well, there are so many others who teach that better than I could so I don’t think that will happen any time soon! But it is on my list of some day possibly items.

  2. I have tons of Craftsy classes and Annie’s classes as well as other classes from various designers. I like learning how to do things several different ways. For instance, I learned American style knitting but learned Continental style so I can give my hands and wrists a break when they get tired. I love your style of teaching because it is clear and concise, plus I have learned a ton of new techniques that I haven’t seen in my other classes. I have a problem with someone who bad-mouths the dead! I don’t know which books you are talking about, but if I could look at what you learned in your newer book and compare it with what’s in the older book, I might choose one method over the other. It doesn’t mean one method is better or worse! My late Aunt Josie taught me a lot about crocheting, but she couldn’t explain things so they sank into my brain. Actually, I learned more by watching what she was doing. My next-door neighbor taught knitting and crocheting at a store, but she was kind enough to let me visit her in the evening when I got home from work so she could teach me how to knit a vest. She had a wonderful way of explaining things that put a picture (or video) right into my brain! She explained as she demonstrated. I miss that dear lady and our lessons so much! When I teach someone, I try to remember that everyone learns a different way – some learn by the spoken word and some learn by demonstration, and some need both. I don’t teach very often and certainly nothing advanced; but I can say that I have never had a student that left without knowing how to do what she came to learn!