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Reading a Corner to Corner Chart

This week we are going to chat about how to read a C2C chart.

At first glance, it looks like most colorwork charts, actually, kind of like the chart that we talked about a couple of weeks ago in the Overlay Mosaic Crochet Series with all the numbered boxes.  But I recorded a quick video for you to see how to actually read the chart.

What I love about these charts is that you can easily convert them for left or right-handed.  Right-handed crocheters should number the chart the way I did start in the lower right-hand corner.

But lefties, don’t dismay!!  Just start in the bottom left-hand corner and it works the same way just in the opposite direction.

In the interest of keeping these posts short and sweet, Next week we will talk about actually working the chart!

Have you worked a C2C chart before?  Tell me about your experience.


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