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  • Cobblestone Cowl


    Cobblestone Cowl is a fast and fun project. Using two colors – one a tonal and one a variegated, and working 2 rows at a time with each color, you will find yourself wanting to keep adding “just one more row.” Using the tonal as the main color gives a classic look. But if you use the variegated as the main color, you will have a different look and feel, that is a bit more fun and colorful! Your options are endless!

    Note: You will receive the pattern only. 4 Pages

  • Wildflower


    Wildflower is a beautiful and simple-to-make poncho-style topper. Crocheted in one flat rectangle, the seaming gives it a beautiful construction. Select a tonal or solid lace-weight yarn to make the Italian lace pop. Perfect for a spring or summer evening to take the chill off, you will want this piece in your closet!

    Note: You will get the DIGITAL Pattern only. | 4 pages

  • Gentle Waves


    Gentle Waves is a spectacular pattern that you don’t have to work hard at. Using a gradient yarn, you start at the bottom tip and work your way up. It would be beautiful in tonal, speckled, variegated, and long striping yarns too. The best part?  You can make this shawl in any weight yarn you desire and just continue or stop when it is wide enough for you!

    NOTE: You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only. 4 pages

  • Glacier


    Originally inspired by the colors of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park, Glacier is a fast and fun shawlette. Work the  main field in an easy-to-memorize 4-row repeat from end to end. Then, add a simple yet complex-looking edge in a coordinating color. The bandit style allows for an easy-to-wear piece such as a cowl, tied scarf, or simple shawlette. The colors and options are endless!

    Note: you will get the DIGITAL pattern only. 4 pages.

  • Rebel Galaxy


    Originally designed as the featured crochet pattern for the Forbidden Fiber Co.’s “The Resistance” 2022, Rebel Galaxy can be worn as a shawl or a wide scarf that is perfect for those mini skeins you have in your stash. Worked with a 4-row repeat, you can adjust the length by adding or subtracting rows. Don’t have mini skeins? It works well with solids, gradients, and speckles too. Rebel Galaxy also makes a great stash-busting project to use up all those leftovers too!

    NOTE: You will receive the DIGITAL Pattern Only. 4 Pages.

  • Eastwick


    Originally designed as the featured crochet pattern for the Forbidden Fiber Co.’s Halloween Kit 2022, Eastwick is an amazing chevron shawl that is perfect for those mini skeins you have in your stash. After a few setup rows, you will just keep going with a simple 2-row repeat until the very end. This makes it a great stash-busting project, or even a great way to use up those leftover balls of yarn from other projects. You can keep using the repeat until it is the width and length you desire!

    NOTE: You will get the DIGITAL pattern only. 8 pages

  • Cloudberry


    Cloudberry is a two-part pattern, a smaller scarf pattern that uses just one hank of the featured yarn, or the larger shawl pattern that uses two hanks of that same yarn. The interior panel is made with a 6-row repeat that allows for easy adjustment for the length. The gorgeous berry and mesh lace is bordered by double crochets which makes finishing a breeze.

    The scarf is made on a short edge and you crochet until you have the desired length.  The shawl has a bit of a twist – 90 degrees actually.  Work the shawl on the long edge – this means more stitches on the row, but fewer rows to make.  Changing the direction of the lace gives a different look, and more options to make our project unique.

    Cloudberries are a type of berry that is native to the PNW. Also known as Salmonberry, I can remember seeing these all over the hiking trails in the northwestern part of Washington state. This pattern brought back some really cool memories of hiking with my children when they were younger.

    NOTE: You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only. 8 Pages.

  • Southwest Spice


    Southwest Spice is a fun pattern to work up and can be worn in multiple ways! Made with a unique construction of a lacy scarf, then adding a three-sided edging, you will find this pattern keeps you entertained while making it.

    Wear it as a shawl – or a wide scarf. Or even wrap it several times to make a cowl. It’s perfect for pearls and jeans or an evening on the town. The options are endless!

    You will receive the digital pattern only.

  • Changing Seasons


    Changing Seasons is a beautiful two-color shawl worked from side to side. With a simple main field and a filet crochet style edging, this shawl is perfect for any time of day – morning, noon, or evening. Use a speckle and a solid as seen in the sample, or change it up using gradients, single colors, or even stripes. Make it the way you like it! In working the shawl, you will learn how to change the color mid-row, every row, without having to cut and weave in ends. You will even learn the trick to hide the strand of yarn that moves up the middle of the fabric.

    You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only. 8 pages.

  • Morning Sunrise


    Morning Sunrise reminds me of the colors that I see every morning during sunrise here in the Pacific Northwest. With a simple main body with a “sunrise” lace edging, you will absolutely love how fast this shawl grows! The 16-row side-to-side repeats might seem daunting, you’ll actually love how fast it moves. (and only you and I will know how easy it actually is!) What color will your Morning Sunrise be?

    You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only.

  • Blue Skies


    Celebrate the summer sky with Blue Skies! This side-to-side shawl includes lace in both the main body and the edging and you will be creating both at once! Just a 4-row repeat makes it easy to customize and fast to crochet. The beautiful shell-based lace edging looks so complicated, but it is really so simple! Make it in all the colors you see in the summer skies. Blue Skies will be an absolute joy to make and wear.

    Note: You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only. 8 pages.

  • Mint Julep


    Mint Julep will give you your quick pop of spring! Worked side-to-side – including the edging, this simple 8-row repeat shawl is fast and fun to make. Simple lace on the edge looks harder than it really is- but that is our secret! Use tonal, variegated, speckles, or any other colors you want. And if you want to change up the yarn weight, you can do that too. The options are endless.

    Note: You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only. 8 pages.

  • Sunset


    Inspired by the gorgeous colors of a Pacific Northwest evening, Sunset is a stunner of a shawl. The pattern repeat is easy to memorize, and because you are working from side to side, you can easily adjust the length and depth of the shawl by adding or removing repeats. Pick a yarn that has some bling for a night on the town – or for a running-errands look, add a bit of splash with a gorgeous gradient or variegated. Your options are endless!

    You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only. 8 pages.

  • Adorn


    This stunning shawlette is the perfect accessory for your favorite dress or to spice up a tee or tank. Worked in fingering weight yarn, the shawlette is lightweight and perfect for those cool nights.

    Note: You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only. 4 pages.

  • Elementary


    Made from side to side, this bandit-style shawl will become one of your go-to favorites! Perfect for hand-dyed yarn, you will crochet up the plain center field first, and then without cutting the yarn add the six-row edging. Pick tonal, gradient, and long striping … the choices are endless!

    You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only. 4 pages.

  • Home of the Brave


    Home of the Brave was inspired by the colors of the original yarn used. I love creating projects for the American patriotic holidays and when I saw this kit of minis, I knew I needed to
    create something special!

    Using an easy-to-memorize, 8-row repeat of stitches, Home of the Brave’s main body has a beautiful lacework of undulating arrowheads with a pointed shell border. I used every last inch (and won at yarn chicken) of the kit in a gradient of red, white, and blue. I wanted something that could be a dramatic shawl or an extra-long scarf that I could wind multiple times to give different looks. But you can change the length and/or width just by adding or subtracting repeats as stated in the notes. It is a fast crochet, even at its original length, but the pattern will keep even the most advanced crocheter engaged.

    You will receive the DIGITAL pattern only. 4 pages.