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Heading into 2022

As I write this post, I have the last deadline project sample to be completed in 2021 on the blocking board. It’s still November, Thanksgiving hasn’t gotten here yet, and there is a major feeling of joy in my heart that I am 12 months ahead on project releases.

2021 has been a year of crazy and a whole lot of emotions.

I was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer on January 7, and that set the tone for the entire year. I’ve had the hurdles of 2 surgeries, cancer treatments, feeling tired, brain fog, and a multitude of other symptoms of being treated for cancer.

And on top of that, my daughter and I had been planning her wedding since March of 2020 when she got engaged. The wedding, on September 4, 2021, went off without a hitch and there is still so much joy in our family as we invited her husband as a new member of the family.

Our Family – (l-r): David, Me, Cassie, Bryce, Tyler

In-between all of this, Karen Whooley Designs still had to go forward. For months I had plans to do so many things that came to a screeching halt on January 7th. The Good Lord couldn’t have hit me over the head harder if he used a mallet. 


And that turned out to be the BIGGEST BLESSING that could have ever happened. Knowing that cancer was causing me to have enforced days off, made me stop and think about what I wanted to do and change that to what I could do. My thoughts about a new book, multiple CALs, teaching more online Zoom classes, and more had to disappear.

The weeks of cancer treatment caused me days when I could not do anything but sit. I had lots of brain fog, but my hands still worked and my ideas didn’t stop. So, I worked on crocheting samples and designing more projects with swatches. Each month I realized I had to slow down even more, and the plan would change.  As things progressed, I suddenly realized, I had 18 patterns to release in 2022!

So, for 2022, I am going to release 6 patterns to the general public (January, March, May, July, September, and November)

What about the other 12, you ask? They originally were going to be a new book, but I decided to release them as individual patterns for my new 2022 Shawls-on-the-Side Pattern Club.

Since I have never done anything else like this before, I am using my new north star going forward


So you can expect this to be a fun-filled event with zoom calls, education, and hopefully a few surprises as the year progresses.

I am putting the final details on the informational sign-up page, but you can see the Pre-Registration Launch for the club on December 7th.  And the first pattern will drop on January 10th.

Once 2022 arrives, I have plans! But with all that is happening still as the holidays approach, and the unknowns still with my ongoing cancer treatments, I have promised myself to continue to slow down. I am planning to continue on this path of working 12 months ahead, but there is another project I am working on that should launch mid-year or so. But that is all the teaser I will give for now!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my followers and readers in the US. I appreciate each one of you.


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