Granny Square Day 2021

Did you all know that August 15th is #GrannySquareDay?

I sure didn’t until this year! As a special treat this year, I thought I would offer you two of my square patterns that have been out of circulation for a very long time!

Northwest Wheel Square

Originally called the Northwest Wagon Wheel, I first designed this square in 2001 for a square exchange I was involved in. Now it reminds me of the Great Wheel in Seattle! This is a fast and easy square for an afghan, and a really great way to use up scrap yarn too!

Click here to get the Northwest Wheel Square now!

Camellia Square

My mom has a green thumb. Camellias were in abundance in our yard in all colors, but the pinks were my favorites! Originally designed in 2001 for a square exchange, this square reminds me of all the beautiful flowers in our yard.

Click here to get the Camellia Square now.


Happy Granny Square Day!!



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