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Finding Time To Crochet

In September 2019, I sent out a survey to my newsletter subscribers asking what their biggest challenge in regards to crochet was. Although I got quite a few different answers, the one that kept getting repeated was actually finding time to Crochet. Don’t you wish we could have an extra 2-3 hours a day sometimes?

We all have busy lives.  We are wives, husbands, parents, grandparents, work outside the home, homemakers, caretakers, active in our communities, and we are Crocheters. Sometimes with all the plates spinning in the air, it is hard to find the time to pick up our hook and work on a project.

What I have discovered, however, is that even though Crochet is my career, I do have to find ways to actually get the hook in my hand. I thought I would give you some of my tips to help you make sure you find that time to work on your favorite project.

Keep a portable project in your car

With my kids scattered across the state of Washington, my husband and I find ourselves driving a lot of weekends.  I always have a project in the car for these trips. This project in the car also comes in handy when I am going to Doctor / Dentist appointments. A lot of the time I get there early or the doctor is running late and I need to sit for a while. The car project keeps my hands busy and my mind off of the fact I have to wait.

Bring your project to work with you

When I was working for a computer company in the early 1990s, I always had a project at work with me.  Most of the time I was crocheting in the lunchroom, but there were certain times of the year where I was on the phone doing customer service and would have long wait times. My bosses would also let me crochet while at my desk during these times. I even made a baby blanket for one of my pregnant bosses right under her nose doing this! If you have a job that will allow for this, I recommend you take advantage of it! A portable project would probably be the best to bring with you.

Schedule crochet time in your calendar

This is something I have to do regularly.  Because Crochet is my career, it also includes writing blog posts (like this one), developing 2 newsletters a month, bookkeeping, social media, pattern writing, editing, and teaching classes. And that is not the end of the list!  I put into my calendar every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon that it must be crochet time! It is an appointment with myself that I need to the hook in my hand. Sometimes I have other pockets because I get all the “other stuff” done, but I can guarantee that I have those two days to crochet.

I recommend this to you too!  If you have a project that you want to get done for a particular event or by a certain date, create a non-negotiable crochet appointment in your calendar.  Even if it is just an hour once a week. You will find that it will become something you won’t ever want to stop doing.

Have a project you can do when watching TV or even chatting with family

I always have a project near my spot on the sofa that I watch TV or sit with friends and family to chat.  And when I am visiting my family, they always know I will sit and crochet while we are catching up. I have been known to be on a conference call or video chat with a project in my hands. Everyone around me knows that I need to keep my hands busy and they are used to seeing me crochet all of the time.

These are just four ways I make sure to have time to actually work on my crochet projects.  Let me know if you try any of them and how it worked for you!

Do you have other ways not listed here?  I would love it if you replied to this blog post and told us all about it! We all can learn from each other.


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