Join me for a Fall CAL!

I am so excited to start this project.

Just so you know upfront, the links in this post are affiliate links that may provide a small income to me if you buy something by clicking on a link. Using one of my affiliate links will not cost you anything extra.

It’s a pattern I worked on in 1998 and hasn’t really seen the light of day. However, I have decided that I m going to revamp it, get it tech edited, and then offer it up to all of you as a Free Pattern! I am so excited to get started.

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet.  Just a list of what you will need!


You all can probably guess from the photo what it might be! LOL!

You will need the following:

I am using Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo in the colors Pumpkin and Paddy Green. I have such large skeins because I want to make several for my home and to giveaway to family. I got these on Amazon, as it is so hard to find this yarn in the stores right now.

Keep watching for next week as I start the pattern.  I want to give you some time to get the supplies you need!

Questions? Just ask!

Be sure to share!


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