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Fall CAL Completed

And we are done! Only 15 rounds!

Rnd 10: [Sc in next sc, dc2togdc in next 2 dc, dc2tog] 5 times. 5 sc 10 dc2tog, 10 dc)

Rnd 11: [Sc in next sc, dc2tog twice] 5 times; join with sl st to first sc, fasten off orange. (5 sc, 10 dc2tog)

Stuff Pumpkin until the desired effect is achieved.

Rnd 12: With green, join with sc in same sc as sl st; sc2tog, [sc in next sc, sc2tog] 4 times. (5 sc, 5 sc2tog)

Rnd 13: [Sc2tog] five times. (5 sc2tog)

Rnds 14-15: Sc in each st around. At end of rnd 15. Fasten off, leaving a 4-inch tail.

Weave tail through the 5 sts and pull tight to close the opening.  Weave in tail.

Did you finish yours? I would LOVE to see it! Send me a photo!

Keep watching for the complete pattern as a freebie!


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