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Changing using the Corner to Corner Chart

So, remember when I started this journey and I mentioned that as I educated myself about all the new things, I would show you the good and the bad? The wins and the fails?

Whelp… C2C charts were a definite failure for me.  I spent a good 4-5 hours watching videos and trying to crochet that heart chart and still haven’t quite grasped how to change colors mid-stream without having floats covering my stitches or weird gaps in spots.  Just as I mastered one way, I would make a mistake in another spot. In all that time, I have ripped this square out 4 times.

So rather than bored you with all the details, I thought this video from Moogly Blog was one of the best that talks about the color changes.

I am sure that if I keep working on these color changes, it will all click. But for now, this is all I have this week!

Next week I will do a wrap-up on the C2C technique.

Do you have any C2C color-changing videos you recommend?  Tell me about them!


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