What’s a pattern tester?

Someone who crochets up a project with their own yarn from my unpublished pattern. You will help me make sure the instructions are clear and that your finished project closely matches mine. You keep your finished project and share your project on your blog and post about it on social media.

Normally, testing takes place after I have created the model and the pattern, have had it tech edited and charted (most of the time), and all the sizing is there (if it is a garment or something that can be made in multiple sizes).  There may or may not be all of the beautiful photos for publication, but there will be what you need. The main thing is that the pattern will be almost ready to go and as correct as I can make it.

I am known for my clear, well-written patterns so the goal is to be sure that things go well for all of my users.  You are giving me feedback on anything that might not be clear or read well. If you’ve never made a [whatever it is I am asking you to test] before, a test may not be the best way to begin. You may want to try one of my published patterns first.

I love beginners, however working on a test crochet / knit pattern isn’t really the way to learn to start reading patterns, especially since I am looking for clarity. I’m looking for testers who like to (and can) take beautiful, clear pictures of your WIP and final projects I can share when the pattern is released.

Why would I want to be involved this way?

  • Being one of the first to make one of my new patterns!
  • Credit in the finished pattern.
  • The final pattern upon release. In the case that the pattern is part of a self-published book, you will receive 50% off for the printed copy. If I am not publishing the pattern myself, I will make other provisions depending on what the actual publisher is willing to do.
  • One pattern of your choosing from my Store.

How do I get involved in testing your patterns?

You can join my Crochet testing pool on YARNPOND!

Yarnpond is a site for Pattern Testers to find crocher and/or knit pattern tests all on one platform.

As a designer, I am excited to use it because it means I have all of my tests in one place.

It is FREE for Pattern Testers to use!

Join my Testing Pool here.