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An Introduction: Corner to Corner

Something that many of my followers have been asking me to talk about is Corner-to-corner crochet, otherwise, known as C2C.

I have been doing all sorts of C2C over the years, since the 1990s when the book 101 Crochet Squares by the late great Jean Leinhauser came out in 1996. That link there is to the paperback version I have published by American School of Needlecraft (ASN) but DRG, the company that owns Annie’s Catalog, purchased ASN years ago and have since published a digital version of the book.

In the years since this stitch has been one of my two go-to stitches to make a quick baby blanket when I find out LATE that one of my family or friends is expecting!  In bulky weight especially it makes a great quick tactile blanket or floor mat for any baby.

In the last decade or so, the technique has taken the crochet world by storm and has become a colorwork giant in creating what I call “pixel-based” images on a blanket, sweater, or another project.

“Pixel-based” means that you can create a colorwork chart with squares (ie pixels) that create an image on the fabric, where each square reflects one of the squares on the C2C project.

Since I haven’t done a pixel-based project yet but yet get asked about it all the time, I wanted to do my own small project and learn from it.

In this series, I am planning to show you:

  1. how to do C2C first without changing colors and discuss how you can stripe your own sequences
  2. how to read a colorwork chart and crochet a small C2C pattern from it.

See you in the next installment.

Have you done C2C? Tell me your experience, and if there is anything you would like me to cover


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